Eryap Group Co. is the establishment of an established family with a background of 50 years of industrial history. As Eryap Group, we believe that our success depends on our employees; therefore, within the innovative culture, we develop our processes and systems constantly together with our skilled employees with a strategic mind.

Eryap Group Human Resources Vision is, to be the preferred, Leader Company of the sector that focuses on Strategic goals, aims to constantly improve by establishing measurable systems, reveals the potential performances of its employees by supporting the innovative organizational environment and that respects the Laws.

Eryap Group HR Innovations

To be able to keep up with the changes of today’s world, the development of our staff is among the most important matters we focus on. As a prerequisite of our Human Resources strategy, we work altogether to design our processes to generate values and to realise the applications for this, and in this respect, we work in line with the below mentioned values while developing our processes;

  • We love our job.
  • We work for sustainable high quality in all our products.
  • We are innovative and productive.
  • We believe in safety in numbers.
  • We know that credibility strengthen us.
  • Total benefit to humanity is the priority in all our works.
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