A half century experience.

As Eruslu Family, we continue our operations in various industries and in approximately 25 industrial manufacturing facilities since 1960s.

We always aimed leadership with our region- and nation-wide products and achieved to be a pioneer in many industries during the course of our half century history such as the first textile dye, the first dioctyl phthalate, the first polyurethane slippers and the first polymer siding.

As Eruslu Family, we establish our entrepreneur concept based on the principle of contribution to national economy. For this purpose, in the beginning of the new millennium, we founded Eryap Group to operate in siding and insulation industries, and we continue our investments without cease since then.

Contribution to the society, economy and sustainability...

While the rapid development of technology make the world a more livable place, on the other hand, it causes environmental destruction at the same speed. Solid, liquid and gas wastes which arise as a result of technology and production cause environmental pollution.

As Eryap Group, we own the responsibility of “product – service – lifecycle” in all industries we operate. As part of sustainability, we use energy sources correctly following environment friendly and environmental risk factors of which importance increased in consequence of fast consumption, and we also create action plans against possible threats to environment.

As a role model in the global market in terms of outstanding and sustainable performance, while we minimize our manufacturing wastes, we also create a real value which makes the world a cleaner, more healthier and livable place with high performance products which set light to the future.

With our innovative, competitive, dynamic and customer-based management approach, we help our consumers, customers, business partners and employees take pride in being a member of our family for a sustainable future.

If there is no hardship or no obstacle in the path you walk, that path does not take you anywhere.

As Eryap Group, we always played and will always play a determinative role in the industry we operate thanks to both our quality and vision and philosophy. We will proceed with our works with a purpose to be more powerful and with an opinion that the people of our country deserve the best products and services.

In this context, I present my thanks to our employees who show all kinds of efforts for achievement, to our dealer in this system, to our suppliers who act with the idea that “Quality input is the prerequisite for quality product”, and to our customers.

Kahraman ERUSLU

Eryap Group INC. Chairman of the Executive Board

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