Customer Focused Management

While pursuing our activities with the motto “the producer of Leading brands” in Turkish insulation sector, we produce easily accessible and reliable products that meets more than the expectations of the customer, in line with our vision and by using the developing and contemporary technologies. In this respect, in the services and products we provide, keeping the customer satisfaction at top level and effectively managing the customer feedback constitutes the basis of our quality policy.

By managing all of our activities within our quality policy principles for

  • Documenting and constantly improving our quality management policy by meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 standard,
  • Reaching company and unit goals with a team spirit on the basis of Total Quality philosophy,
  • Determining the preventive approaches that will develop our performance by reviewing our business processes with a self-assessment process,
  • Increasing the efficiency in all of our production processes to the level to be able to compete in and out of the company line with constant improvement approach,
  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, actualizing the training that will increase the technical and behavioural competences,
  • Ensuring that our employees work in a comfortable and safe environment by protecting them against negative effects of the workplace< and from injuries, making hazard and risk analyses to remove the condition that can negatively affect the health and safety of all parties that can potentially be affected by our activities,
  • Planning our R&D studies by considering the potential effects of our products to the environment and establishing a constant communication with all of our shareholders about our approach to the environment and our environmental protection applications,

combined with Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, we work with all our strength to also be an exemplary institution in terms of quality as well as all other aspects in our sector.

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