Our Goal is to Generate Values.

We love our job.

We believe that the best way to do a job is to love it. We are a team that loves its job and we constantly work every day to offer more benefits to our customers.

We work for sustainable high quality in all our products.

We believe that permanence can be ensured by sustainable quality. In all of our productions, we shape our processes in a way to see the big picture and we try to be the institution that increases the standards in the market, and not the institution that merely obeys the standards.

We are innovative and creative.

We are curious, participative and sharer. We track the requirements of the day and support new ideas and attempts. We love to create opportunities and to solve problems. We constantly question our habits and we avoid assuming. We are not afraid of making mistakes, instead we learn from our mistakes. We constantly work to show our difference.

We believe the safety in numbers.

We determine the goals and the ways towards it together. We know that we should share the information with all of our shareholders for the correct management. We care for listening well. We try to see and listen from other’s point of view, and try to explain the way they would understand. We share time to help our team members. We establish our relationships based on fair approach and mutual trust. We encourage our team members for success, ensure they participate in each matter and establish platforms where they can express their ideas.

We know that credibility strengthen us.

We hold on to our promises, compete in ethical rules and look out for the total benefit of humanity. We make efforts for the development of both our sector and the vertically related sectors. We establish open and transparent relations with our environment.

The total benefit of humanity is the priority in all of our operations.

We establish, develop and support common platforms for the social development of all of our shareholders. We establish social responsibility projects for the development of individuals that will contribute to the society and we involve our environment to these projects. Responsibility against the environment is our essential principle. We, as a corporation and individually, feel responsible for a modern society and promote our environment for this.

As Eryap Group;

While coming together with shareholders who love their jobs among all our environment, we work, develop and generate values with “a production ambition that turns the most important dreams and ideas into reality” for the total benefit of the humanity which is the reason of our existence of our polyphonic culture emerging from the unity, in the focus of the high and sustainable quality, by constantly following the innovations and developments.

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