Our most valuable capital is our human resource.

A continuous push towards development can only be made possible through a sustainable HR policy and HR goals. Having a strong structure in social rights as well as having employee commitment, skill and experience transfer and right assignment of the right job, we value our employees not as personnel but as individuals of Eryap Group family.

We create a team who loves its work.

Yenilikçilik ve yaratıcılığı her aşamada özendirir, tam katılımlı bir yönetim mekanizması geliştirip söz sahibi olan çalışanlar ile fikir paylaşımı ortamları oluştururuz.

We encourage innovativeness and creativity at all stages, develop a management mechanism with full participation and create idea sharing environments with employees who have a say. We believe in the safety in numbers and determine goals and the path to goals all together. We know that we must share information with all our shareholders in order to sustain right management. We cherish listening to others well. We value the ability to look, listen to and explain with the points of view of others. We spare time for helping our teammates. We establish our relations based on equitable approach and mutual trust. We encourage our teammates for achievement, ensure their participation in all subjects and create platforms where they can share their ideas.

We support and develop these processes with all employees at each department and level.

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