Our Environment Policy

For a sustainable environment, the inseparable parts of our Environment Policy are ensuring environmental protection and minimizing the negative impacts of all our operations which directly or indirectly affect the products we produce or our processes in Gaziantep, Istanbul and Sakarya.

Pursuant to ISO 14001: 2004 Environment Management System principles, in raw material and energy usages and in technology choices for manufacturing processes, we ensure waste reduction and waste recycling for national economy in all our operations conducted for the prevention of the westage of natural resources and for the prevention of pollution.

Through protecting environment, we attempt to protect this human heritage, natural and biological richness and diversity, and we stick to the execution of our environment policy in order that future generations can also benefit from these.

We contribute to sustainable development and carry out all below Environment Policy processes under ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems:

  • Ensuring the execution, audit ve continuous improvement of Environment Management System as part of international legal regulations, national laws/legislations and other liabilities
  • Through following technological developments; prevention of environmental pollution, reduction of wastes at their origins, recycling of wastes, elimination of non-recyclable wastes without causing damage to environment,
  • Prevention of negatives impacts on environment through executing the rules of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Using recyclable packaging,
  • Organizing trainings and awareness-raising activities for our employees, customers and business partners in order that environmental awareness can be improved; and contributing to the establishment of a common environmental awareness;
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